Guitar Summit 2020 is cancelled

Cancelled due to Corona

I just learned, that Guitar Summit 2020 had to be cancelled.

Very sad, but Corona measures are fully understandable. Caution before indulgence.
I am so curious about the web-camp:

There is no way of knowing where we are heading at the moment, but preparing (not prepping, in the sense of exaggerated toiletpaper purchase) for a 2nd wave and lockdown is the only way to battle through this mess.

I also found this article (in German), which focuses on the collapse of cultural events due to the Corona measures.

< „With the ban on major emotional events, people are robbed of their souls. Isn’t that ruining life in some other way?“ It’s not just about money, many cultural workers are losing their identity. >

Which consequences this will have in the medium term cannot really be estimated.

The alternative of pursuing cultural events as a couch potato online is not really convincing to me.

During the Corona Lockdown from 15.03 to 30.06, we tried to enjoy : Cirque du Soleil, Sarah Lesch, TCM Kongress Saturday Night Special (even played some songs ourselves live from the living room via Zoom, but Zoom is not really suitable for music transmission) and many more, but in the end, the realization remains that over distance, even with elaborate digitalization, no real feeling of closeness comes up.

Live events have something magical about them, as if not only acoustic vibrations spread through the air, but also an invisible energy flux that interacts between the artist and the audience (this is how a concert participant once described her feelings at a Bob Marley concert, but unfortunately I can’t find the original lyrics anymore).

Perhaps one day the Corona Chronicles will bring light into the darkness of today.

Hope dies last, they say.