Head in the cloud….

some foggy thoughts…

Compared to my early beginnings in the IT-Industry, today’s digital transformation rate into cloud infrastructures is beyond all expectations.

Whether it is wise to switch to external clouds in a hasty and short-sighted manner, or to stay with conservative solutions (on-premises), is not something I would like to judge at this point. Real Cloud evangelists will not tolerate any cloud criticism at all.

Many web services used today by professionals in the cultural sector, such as Bandzoogle, Squarespace, Coursera, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Patreon and many more, would hardly work as an on-premises solution operated on a private server in their own basement.

Unfortunately, incidents like the recent outages at Facebook or today at OVH are an undeniable reality.

Maybe caused by human failure, maybe not. Who knows ?

Perhaps Elon Musk has already prepared the next logical step and will be the next visionary sending compact data centers into orbit (ORBIT-DC).

Motto: GO-CLOUD is out, GO-ORBIT is next.
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