Guitarworkshop Spain 2023

Dear Friends,

the Guitarwork Spain 2023 (04.02 – 11.02.2023) in Altea was a real highlight.

Besides the intensive fingerstyle guitar workshop program, the great teachers and students not only gave great concerts, but also the daily open mic nights were amazing and sometimes went late into the night.

Many thanks to the great musicians and teachers Heiko Bloemers, Sönke Meinen and Zarek Silberschmidt, to Klaus and Connie, to Vicenta and her team from the wonderful Hotel Tossal, to the wonderful workshop participants and to the enthusiastic audience, who all made this great experience possible.

An incomparable week that I am still reeling from today and that is why I am so looking forward to the upcoming pilgrimage in 2024:

De camino a Altea – ¡a la próxima peregrinación guitarrística en 2024!


Hotel Tossal
Heiko and the freedom of choice 🙂
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Teachers on Stage at GWS 2023 in Altea (HeikeBloemers, Zarek Silverschmidt and Sönke Meinen)