LUCK. What is it ?


What actually is LUCK ?

Well for one thing, it does change your life and it seems like you can’t control it.

The word LUCK is used in so many situations, it possible got worn out in the meantime, just like: LOVE &  HOPE.

Was it LUCK, that one of my guitars was only partly cracked after a flight and I didn’t even notice the damage right away after opening the case and inspecting it ? It was some months later, when my friend and drummer Hannes noticed a heavy crack on the bottom side of my guitar, while I was laying on the couch jamming. Of course, I was very sad and disappointed after finding out the extent to which the instrument was damaged. Amazing that I could play it for so long at all. Today it’s fixed, but back then it was a nightmare, not knowing if she will ever get back in shape and worried about the financials, because I had no means to prove the damage to the airline.

This is just one perception of LUCK, being related to pure materialism.

Yes, I was definitely lucky that I could continue playing her and I was also very lucky, that I went to the folks at Munich Repair Shop, who did a great job fixing her.

What about LUCK connected to personal relationships or even existential  threats on our own and other people’s life?

Are we really aware of the deeper meaning of LUCK ? Shouldn’t we rather treat it like a treasure?

Why are some people not able to allow a stroke of LUCK to the many refugees, who really need it so badly ?

Why can’t they see this boat is sinking?

This reminds me of Annie Lennox – WHY